Celebrating 10 Years of the PCI DSS Special Interest Group

Next year the PCI DSS Special Interest Group (PCI DSS SIG) will celebrate its tenth birthday, and the sector should be proud of what it has managed to accomplish with over 2000 individuals having received training to increase their internal institutional knowledge on PCI DSS. Established in 2011, its purpose was to help the sector come together to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance, and during that time over 100 members have joined, sharing knowledge, resources, and supporting each other on their individual journeys.

If you’re already a member, read on to make sure you’re getting the most out of your membership. If you’re interested in becoming a member, this post will help you to understand the benefits of joining.

5 Ways You Can Maximise your SIG Membership


  1. Being Part of the Solution
    Simply by being a member of the PCI DSS SIG, you are one step closer to making sure your payment-related information is protected and your customer’s data is secure. Make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources and training available to you and taking the opportunity to share and gain as much knowledge around PCI DSS as possible. The more knowledge and expertise you gain, the tougher it is for criminals and fraudsters.
  2. Supercharge your Skillset
    Don’t miss your free places on our PCI DSS Foundation and Practitioner training courses that take place multiple times a year. Training is essential for institutions and it’s the best way to build your internal expertise and strengthen your approach to payment data security, as well as increase your efficiency in obtaining compliance. The courses not only provide you with the necessary knowledge but they have been created to help you achieve compliance. Find out when our next Foundation and Practitioner courses are and how they will help put PCI DSS in the context of your institution’s unique environment.
  3. Enhance your Expertise
    Take your training one step further and become a PCI Internal Security Assessor (ISA). This is the premier qualification for individuals involved in PCI DSS and it is an opportunity for you to strengthen your expertise and give you the confidence to be able to carry out your own internal security audit. You’ll receive PCI DSS training which in turn will help your institution’s understanding of the PCI DSS. You’ll also be able to facilitate interactions with QSA’s and improve internal PCI DSS self-assessments, overall supporting your institution’s PCI DSS measures and controls. With one free place included in your membership, this is an opportunity your institution won’t want you to miss out on. We strongly recommend that each institution has an ISA, so if you don't think this is you, put forward an individual you know would be the best fit.
  4. Networking for Knowledge
    Knowledge is power or in this case compliance. The SIG events and SIG regional meetings are your best chance to network with your peers, build knowledge and awareness of compliance obligations, the real world implications and best practice. Speaking to others you can build, and in turn spread internal knowledge throughout your own organisation, meaning that you are well placed to protect your cardholder data every single day. These events are designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest news and insights across the sector and how best to work around the issues the sector is facing.
  5. Take an Active Role in the Community
    Are you taking an active role in the SIG community? This is your opportunity to share expertise and resources and to support each other as we work towards achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance. This is at the heart of what the SIG does and is the key to its success. By being part of the SIG, you are adding to one of the largest communities of higher and further education institutions.

The PCI DSS SIG is here to nurture, train and give the sector the opportunity to collaborate. By maximizing your membership your institution will be well on its way to protecting payment information and ensure sustained compliance with PCI DSS.

If you’re a SIG member, visit: www.pcidsssig.org.uk to access the calendar of upcoming events, webinar replays, live discussions on the forum, and wealth of resources and information just for members.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, please fill in this Contact Form


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